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Remittances are not meant to be expensive.

CashChanger Remittance aims to help you compare rates to obtain the best exchange rates and find the cheapest transfer provider with our comparison engine.

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Best value of your money

CashChanger can help you save money

You shop around and compare price and it's value so you can get the best value for you money, right? It is the same true for money transfers.

Now with CashChanger Remittance comparison engine, we can help you save money.

When you launch a comparison, we fetch the fees and exchange rates of all of our available licensed remittance providers to help you find the best option for your transfer.


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We aggregate money changer rates

Asia's largest site in discovering the best actual foregin exchange rates from local money changers. Save money when you convert your currencies to get the best rates.

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Remittance's rate aggregator

CashChanger Remittance aims to help you get the most competitive remittance rates to via our various transfer partners with our unqiue comparison engine.

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Numbers only matter
if you are getting the
actual numbers.

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