Remittances are not meant to be expensive.

Cashchanger aspires to create more visibility in your remittances to get the most from your money.

Who is Remit.CashChanger?

Leveraging on the experience and success of our currency exchange site, we expanded our team committed to the same goal.

Making forex rates and fees more transparent and accessible to help you make an informed decision when you remit.

Globally, remittance volume has hit a record high of $466 billion.

Sadly, it cost an average of 7% of the principal amount sent, while most of the remittance beneficiaries to developing countries.

Remit.CashChanger aims to help you compare rates to obtain the best exchange rates and find the cheapest transfer provider with our comparison engine.

Be safe

Here in Remit.CashChanger, we care about you. The accessibility and convenience of international money transfers give rise to new scams and ways of money laundering.

Do consider not to perform the remittance and report to the authorities if you encounter the following:

  • Charity – Do research on the charity you are donating money to.
  • “Get out of jail” “Kidnapped” - A person claiming to be a loved one asks you to transfer money because he/she is in jail or kidnapped.
  • Online Purchase - Requesting you to pay upfront, especially it is your first purchase from the party.
  • African Dignitary – Someone contacts you to recover a large sum of money and need you to pay an administrative fee.
  • Online Dating – Someone whom you know on dating sites, who you have never or briefly met asked you for money.
  • Tax scams – Someone who claimed you have broken the law for not paying your taxes demands you transfer the sum to them.